Michiel van Mens color mobile phone 6cm mobphone v1a

Mobile phone images

The smart phone is like the poleroid camera from the 1970s. At that periode, we thought the photos were beautiful. And you had the photo right in your hands. In retrospect, these poleroid photos are very time-bound. We will say the same about the photos taken with our smartphones in 30 years. the colors are …

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Van Mens color hand 09718 6CM

From Behind

It started by chance. I photographed a woman’s hands with her arms along her back, the right hand holding the left. She wears a purple dress. nothing else. The image intrigued me and since then I started looking for more images of people viewed from the back. It fits in nicely with the current era that you are no longer allowed to carelessly photograph people on the street because of privacy. It produces intriguing images, each with its own story. But which. As a viewer you can think of it yourself.

VMens silkscreenprint comic zwarteachtergrond middelvinger 1000

Comic style silkscreen

The comic-style is a series of 8 screen prints. These silkscreens are based on a long-lasting series of comics that was published weekly on social media.