This is the online workplace from Michiel van Mens. Here you can get acquainted with my work as a image maker. These are silkscreenprints, photos and comics. The screen prints are printed in limited editions and some of them are for sale.

VMens silkscreenprint gympschoenen 1000


Michiel van Mens is originally a data scientist and has extensive knowledge of complex algorithms….

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Photo’s. The daily life. On the street. In color and black and white. Digital and…
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Michiel van Mens comics man vrouw 11


Making comics is directly connected to my photography and silkscreen printing. For me they are…

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Puck2 def 1000

Algorithmic art

Algorithmic art, (computer-generated art), is een nieuw werkterrein dat de laatste 10 jaar is ontstaan…

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Michiel van Mens, Comics & Co, Cartoons,


During my Military Service I was trained as a photographer and “corporate journalist” . I…

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