VMens silkscreenprint gympschoenen 1000


Michiel van Mens is originally a data scientist and has extensive knowledge of complex algorithms. His ambition is to make a ‘painting robot arm’. To get there you need to have knowledge of colors and especially the layering of a painting. During this research phase he learned the technique of screen printing. And this further helped him with the question of how algorithms help shape a new, unique image. In the run-up to the printing process, he uses photography and advanced algorithms to achieve the desired image. But the final image is obtained through a traditional manual printing process.

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Sell my darlings is the only place where you can buy a original image of me. So this is your change to get hold of such a beatifull image.
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VMens silkscreenprint comic zwarteachtergrond middelvinger 1000

Comic style silkscreen

The comic-style is a series of 8 screen prints. These silkscreens are based on a long-lasting series of comics that was published weekly on social media.

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VMens silkscreenprint puck 1000

Portraits silkscreen

I make silkscreen portraits on commission. This can be a portrait of your partner, children, father or mother. I discuss the style with my clients. This can also relate to color scheme and size. With a handmade silkscreen you get a good looking, unique…

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VMens silkscreenprint vondelpark v2 1000

Outside silkscreen

The world outside us. The flower bulb fields around the famous village of Nagele (Flevoland). The Vondelpark in Amsterdam in dense fog. An image. Sometimes recognizable templates have been reduced to simple lines and color areas.

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VMens silkscreenprint rozen 1000

Inside silkscreen

The world around us. A vase of tulips. Sunflowers. A bunch of roses viewed from above. The light that shines in as a gentle wind billows the curtains. You feel the warmth of a sunny afternoon in southern Italy. I wanted to capture this…

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VMens silkscreenprint tomaat 1000

Sjabloon silkscreen

Everyday, instantly recognizable images. All Star Gyms, a drum, a bag. Some of those images have been the same for 100 years. Copper polish from Brasso, for example, an iconic image. In these Silkscreenprints, you can immediately recognize the handwriting of the maker: simple…

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