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Making comics is directly connected to my photography and silkscreen printing. For me they are all three in line with each other. The comics are based on photography. And I also make silkscreenprints of my comics. But my silkscreenprints go beyond my comics. Just like my photography. Ah….see for yourself

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Comic Shop

De Comic Shop is een experiment. Het zijn vooral producten met een knipoog. Koffiemokken voor op kantoor. Met een grappig bedrukte tekst. Of een sweater met een character uit een van de comics.
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In the past 25 years I have seen many of these species in the wild. And have been able to study them extensively in their natural habitat. And then you come to a conclusion. Managers are like pandas, completely pointless and rarely funny.

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comics & cliché

Our work at the office is full of delicious clichés. You usually hear the most beautiful ones in the elevator. About your “recharging batteries”, for example,
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