My daily life. On the street. In color and black and white. Digital and analog. Edited. Seen through my camera.

Van Mens color 01644 bewerkt 6cm

1. Color photography

The color photography section contains five chapters: 1. Street photography Amsterdam, 2. Street photography ‘elsewhere’, 3. Color photography Italy 4. Color photography mobile phone and the series 5. ‘From Behind’. I don’t live from my photo’s but for my photo’s

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Michiel van Mens SALE 1000

3. Buy my darlings

Sell my darlings is the only place where you can buy a original image of me. So this is your change to get hold of such a beatifull image.
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4. AI-selfies

What happens if you reinterpretate old work with a ai-bot? So I use an ai-bot to create new images. And I do that by recycling old work. Because I use my own photos. I create a new imagination that is really mine with the…

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