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Algorithmic art

Algorithmic art, (computer-generated art), is a new field of activity that has emerged in the last 10 years after a small group of artists/image makers mastered the skill of coding. The outcome of an algorithm can be very diverse, depending on the purpose for which the algorithm was developed. The goal can be to create an image, an animation or an artistic movement.

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You can make the design visible via a screen, a printer, a pen plotter, a screen print, a sewing machine, a light show or a group of drones connected in series. The image we see can be anything as long as it is controlled by an algorithm. The academically trained artist uses paint, ink, stone, textile or clay to visualize his ideas. In “Algorithmic art” the input of the algorithm is data. This data can be obtained by taking a photo, a scan, a motion sensor or a mathematical formula. In each case, the connecting link between this data and the desired image is a programmed logic. The creator can use AI and work by other artists. This is not necessary and not always desirable.

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