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During my Military Service I was trained as a photographer and “corporate journalist” . I got the unique opportunity to work with a professional photographer, traveled through Europe, wrote reports and made photo reports, stood for days in the darkroom with a beautiful magazine at the end of the month. After my service I made …

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Making comics is directly connected to my photography and silkscreen printing. For me they are all three in line with each other. The comics are based on photography. And I also make silkscreenprints of my comics. But my silkscreenprints go beyond my comics. Just like my photography. Ah….see for yourself

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Michiel van Mens is originally a data scientist and has extensive knowledge of complex algorithms. His ambition is to make a ‘painting robot arm’. To get there you need to have knowledge of colors and especially the layering of a painting. During this research phase he learned the technique of screen printing. And this further …

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comics & cliché

Our work at the office is full of delicious clichés. You usually hear the most beautiful ones in the elevator. About your “recharging batteries”, for example,

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Outside silkscreen

The world outside us. The flower bulb fields around the famous village of Nagele (Flevoland). The Vondelpark in Amsterdam in dense fog. An image. Sometimes recognizable templates have been reduced to simple lines and color areas.

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Inside silkscreen

The world around us. A vase of tulips. Sunflowers. A bunch of roses viewed from above. The light that shines in as a gentle wind billows the curtains. You feel the warmth of a sunny afternoon in southern Italy. I wanted to capture this world in simple contour lines and clear areas of color.