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From Behind

“From behind” is a photo project in which I photographed people in the public space seen fromt the back. Usually we see the person from the front; we see the face. We can look at the person. But not now. Over a period of one year I was constantly looking at people who are looking to something. You as a viewer are looking at people who are looking at something. But what they see is not always clearly visible. Or not at all. Because the person being portrayed is inconveniently in the picture. That as a viewer you think, ‘go away, you are in my image’. At the same time, a fascinating image is created. Because it is of course about the person we are now seeing from behind. You become aware that the people you are looking at are also looking at something themselves. Without being able to see what they are looking at. This feeling of becoming aware of yourself as a viewer is created by the repetition.

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