Michiel van Mens color mobile phone 6cm mobphone v1a

Mobile phone images

The smart phone is like the poleroid camera from the 1970s. At that periode, we thought the photos were beautiful. And you had the photo right in your hands. In retrospect, these poleroid photos are very time-bound. We will say the same about the photos taken with our smartphones in 30 years. the colors are very beautiful and optimistic. Typical instagram colors shall we say.

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I mainly use my Apple Iphone as a camera. And I use my phone for app traffic and viewing Instagram. I think it’s funny to notice that I barely use my cell phone to make calls. As a camera I find the iPhone something magical. Because I use this camera in a different way than my ‘real’ camera. Usually I first take a picture with my iPhone and then continue with my ‘real’ camera as a second.The Ihone is wonderfully intuitive, you can take images from different camera angles, create fascinating images under the strangest of circumstances.

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