Michiel van Mens Photography Black White OekraineOK775 bewerkt 6cm

Oekraïne in 1994, Black & White (analog)

After the Second World War, Ukraine became part of the great Russia that had defeated Nazi Germany on the Eastern Front. This made a large part of Europe an inaccessible area for Westerners. As a westerner you had little to look for. Until it became an independent state in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR. I was very curious about this region and especially the cities like Kiev and Odessa. I wanted to go to Crimea and to Yalta, where that famous conference was once held. In that city, in February 1945, Rooseveld, Churchill and Stalin (in the Livadia Palace) made agreements about the future of Europe. train, from Kiev to Odessa and from there across the Crimea first to Simferopol and then to Yalta. And take pictures. With my analog, Canon F1, camera. I saw beautiful cities, proud people and a vibrant country. Thirty years later I see my photos again. All those years the negatives were stored in a safe. After digitizing the negatives, I digitally printed a small selection. The choice of photos is simple, the image is beautiful. Nothing else.

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